Best Ways to Drive Traffic to My Website?

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Best Ways to Drive Traffic to My Website?

Post by Hestia on Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:01 pm

Creating a blog, a forum or any site is very easy but what is a bit difficult has been getting people to use and be part of the site and help you make money. Have you been having this problem? Well, worry no more!

Take a look at the below practicable ways and put them to action to have a positive result. Getting traffic can be done with or without money; you just choose the methods that you’re comfortable with.

Free and Paid Ways of Driving Traffic

Get social: This is about one promoting and adverting one’s site everywhere online. Let your friends, followers, and families get to know about it. Share your published articles and all your links, get your friends to like the links and also retweet them for more views. You can do this yourself or pay for social media ads like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads etc.

Work on your content: In getting people to visit your site your content must be irresistible and attractive. Make more catchy headlines and provide valuable, interesting and useful content. People are always looking out for what would help them daily. So you could do this yourself or better still pay experts to give you SEO optimized content.

Work on your site: people do not like a slow loading site, make sure your webpage loads very fast, it should be mobile friendly as a lot of people are using phones, your designs and theme should be in consonance and optimized too. You can do this yourself or pay SEO expert for this.

Use different content strategy: Try to use different means in putting up content on your site, text-based content is mostly used on site but adding videos to your web pages where necessary can bring in more traffic, some people may like it through the videos, so incorporate this into your site for more traffic.

Referral contests: Come up with a quarterly contest for your users whereby the highest referrers get a giveaway of some sort, this will help the site users spread their tentacles everywhere to get tons of people to visit your sites and you keep to your word of rewarding them.

How do you drive traffic to your site? share it


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