How to Make Money with Google AdSense?

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How to Make Money with Google AdSense?

Post by Aphrodite on Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:02 pm

Google Adsense is an advertising platform that enables bloggers to share in their advertising revenue. Google get products, services, and brands to be advertised on their network and to reach a wider coverage, they decide to use bloggers web pages and at the same time reward site owners through placing these ads on their pages for a pay. To enjoy this opportunity one must own a blog, a forum, a YouTube channel or a site that is in consonance with their terms and conditions.

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Money can be with Google Adsense through the following ways:

1. Own a blog, forum or website to make money:
Do you have passion to write then create a blog or forum and write about what you have passion for, it can be on just any niche, advertise your blog, promote it, drive traffic from everywhere online especially your social media account and monetize your traffic with Google Adsense by signing up and placing ads banners on your site. AdSense pays using this three method cost per click (CPC) for every click on your ads banner you get paid, click through rate(CTR) pays for the percentage of visitors clicks on ads per numbers of people that use your site and also by revenue per impression (RPM) this is calculated by 1000, this simply means the number of times your visitors saw the ads on your site.

2. Start a YouTube Channel:
Do you like to make videos then, create a channel on YouTube for free and upload them; it can be on anything provided it interesting or valuable and people will love to see it. Get your friends, followers, and families to view your videos. Check your channel and enable it for monetization and connect this to your Adsense account, make money from the viewers' engagement on the ads on your videos or video sidebar. So start uploading your videos now.

3. Make money from other sites using Google AdSense:
There are sites that have incorporated Adsense into their sites and just need you to partner with them and you can share from their ads revenue, so if you don’t own a blog you don’t need to worry, just register with sites like HubPages, and others and start uploading good contents to their sites and get paid from their Google Adsense revenue.

There you have them, start acting now.
If you have any questions ask below


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